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Been a while....

Here's where my heads at....

A LOT has happened to me in the last 6 months ya'll. Had some life changing experiences that caused me to have some sort of an awakening. I nearly left Nashville about a month ago, and headed back to Pigeon Forge for the winter, because un foreseen circumstances caused me to clear out my bank accounts and rack up my credit cards, and Pigeon Forge is guaranteed money.

It's sad it's so hard to make money playing music, in "Music City"... People COME here to hear musicians, and yet there's hardly anywhere to play where you actually get paid. BUT my gut screamed at me, and told me I was supposed to take the risk and stay in Nashville. So I did.

Your gut is a funny thing. No way to explain it, but I think we've all felt that tugging... I've found in my life I've fought my gut more than anything. Cause it never makes the easy choice. But I've also found it's always right.

In less than a month, I am now playing 7 days a week. And yesterday I counted my tip money, and I have made as much as I would have in Pigeon Forge and got to stay in this beautiful city. I've made new friends, connected with old ones. And Life is beautiful.

Now down to business.... I need music out. I recorded a full EP over a year ago, but the music is not in my hands because it was a project through someone else. Who knows when and if it is coming out. And in my mind, it's okay, and I'm at peace with that. Because everything happens for a reason. BUT It doesn't change the fact I have dozens of songs waiting to be recorded so YOU guys can enjoy them. So I've been planning. Thinking. Pondering. More news is coming soon!

Just wanted to let ya'll know, life is good, follow your gut, and good things are coming!

Kata Hay

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